Fight Addiction With Vivitrol Treatment

A life free from addiction requires detox. Of course, getting sober isn't easy, and for many, it can be a significant deterrent on their path to recovery. Whether you are struggling with addiction, or are a concerned loved one looking for advice, we can help. As one of the trusted Vivitrol providers in Virginia, we can offer a valuable tool to help you get sober. The Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine offers a variety of treatment options to cater to different needs. Vivitrol treatment can help to treat alcohol and opioid dependence by helping those suffering from addiction to fight the cravings that can often prove too strong to combat alone. Healing from addiction takes time, but with the support of friends, family, and expert physicians, you can get the help you need. Vivitrol drug treatment can be an incredibly helpful if you are suffering from alcohol or heroin dependency, particularly when combined with our other services. It can help those struggling to reach their goal of maintaining a healthy, sober life.

Using Vivitrol On Your Path To Recovery

At the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine, we always strive to provide the best recovery options for our patients. We understand that getting sober is difficult for anyone, so to improve your chances of long-term recovery, it is crucial to create a comprehensive treatment plan that works for you. We have found that the use of Naltrexone, a prescription medication, can be a very valuable tool on the path to recovery. When an expert physician administers the opiate antagonist Vivitrol, it has the potential to:

  • Help addicts from feeling the desire to use drugs or consume alcohol
  • Block the enjoyable effects of taking opioids or drinking alcohol
  • Decrease your risk of relapsing
  • Provide the necessary physical support to complete a comprehensive recovery program under our expert care
For these reasons, Vivitrol treatment offers a greater chance of recovery for many of our patients. Previous studies have considered the Vivitrol efficacy in alcohol dependence treatment, with one such study concluding that those patients who took Vivitrol in combination with counseling had a greater reduction in heavy drinking, compared to those who received a placebo alongside their counseling. While Vivitrol has proven to be an excellent resource in battling addiction, you need a lot more than medication to achieve long-lasting recovery. It’s about more than getting through the initial detox; patients must often learn to change their habits, behaviors, attitude and thought patterns to get the most out of their treatment. When you combine the Vivitrol injection with substance use counseling, intensive outpatient services, and support networks, it proves to be a valuable instrument in combating addiction. Patients have been found to have greater success in maintaining complete abstinence from alcohol and opioids, which can be tough without proper help. We want you to be able to lead a satisfying life beyond alcohol or drugs, which is why we do everything we can to provide you with the right treatment solution for your needs.

VCAM - A Safe Vivitrol Provider In Richmond, VA

If we believe Naltrexone is the right treatment option for you, you have the choice of taking a Vivitrol shot once a month or taking a daily tablet, under the brand name ReVia, orally. At our treatment center, the injectable medication is administered by one of our expert physicians. If our physicians think you would benefit from Vivitrol we would recommend ongoing Naltrexone therapy following detoxification. Doing so will improve your chances of long-term success, along with continuous regular medical visits with one of our expert physicians. Our professional and highly experienced team are here to provide you with the continuing care and help you need, so you can get back to living your life without the strain of addiction.

Precautions When Taking Vivitrol

When taking any prescription medication, it is important to be thoroughly aware of the risks involved. Our physicians take the time to answer any questions you may have about taking the drug, such as Vivitrol alcohol interaction and any side effects you need to be made aware of before starting. Staying informed is essential not only to help improve chances of recovery but also to maintain your health and safety during the process. Vivitrol heroin blocker can prevent users from relapse to opioid dependence following detox. However, it is important to note that patients must first stop taking opioids or other medications containing the drug before they can begin using Vivitrol opiate blocker. Our patients are our primary concern, so safe Vivitrol use is essential in our recovery programs. There are also side effects you can suffer from when taking the drug and you may be wondering if the side effects of the rehabilitation medication are worse than facing the addiction itself. These feelings are understandable if a drug has the potential to produce strong physical responses in some users, but it is important to note that others will not suffer from any unpleasant reactions. Our patient-focused approach ensures that you and your loved ones receive the information you need to make an informed decision about your recovery program. Before you make the decision to use Vivitrol as part of your addiction treatment, it is important that you consult our expert physicians and learn to identify and avoid some of the side effects found in this drug.

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We understand that the road to recovery is not a simple one. At the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine, we do our best to meet the needs of our patients by offering a personalized service. Contact our team at 804.332.5950 to see if you or a loved one could benefit from Vivitrol alcohol or opioid treatment. As Virginia’s premier outpatient addiction treatment center, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of addiction treatment and finding innovative solutions to meet our patients’ varying needs. We firmly believe that by using the right treatment options you can get on the path to recovery. Give us a call today to find out more about Vivitrol alcohol treatment or Vivitrol heroin treatment in Richmond.