We are a team of Addiction Medicine experts committed to saving lives.

The Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine is an exceptional, physician-led addiction treatment program in Richmond, Virginia, founded by Dr. James Thompson, one of Richmond’s first board-certified Addiction Medicine physicians to be named a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the late Dr. Sherman Master, a renowned pioneer in Addiction Psychiatry. Our strategy is to offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to each case that draws on the expertise of an array of experienced addiction counselors and therapists. We are the first physician-led practice to hire and fully utilize Recovery Coaches as personal patient helpers, guides, teachers and care navigators. The Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine makes addiction treatment accessible, understandable and affordable.

VCAM is our creation, the sum of our experiences and knowledge of the field.

Compassionate Care

Our goal is your recovery. Our aim is healing.

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The most trusted & experienced addiction treatment team in Virginia.

Targeted Treatment

Your treatment plan is individually tailored to fit your recovery needs.

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The idea that addiction is a chronic, progressive and potentially fatal disease with a biological basis has been an accepted part of orthodox, mainstream medical education for decades. Yet, the world of addiction treatment has always existed outside of the interconnected system of mainstream medical practice. Inspired and guided by the American Society for Addiction Medicine, our center was created to step into that gap and to bridge the divide. And we believe it to be just the right thing, just in the nick of time.

At VCAM we are ready to step into the breach, to use every tool that has been proven to work, to seek help from our colleagues trained in other disciplines, and to encourage and promote the spiritual principles of recovery. Our goal is not just to treat but also to heal and to help our patients find the joy and freedom of recovery.