Addiction Treatment Matching & Referral in Virginia

Treatment Matching & Referral

Drug abuse and alcohol addiction is a serious problem that affects as many as 21.5 million Americans. It can happen to anyone and doesn’t just impact the individual; it can also be devastating for loved ones, affecting the entire family and taking a toll on your health. Unfortunately, not all those that suffer from addiction receive the treatment they so desperately need. Even those who do seek out rehabilitation don’t always receive the right care for their requirements. At the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine, we work hard to provide a variety of treatment options, using substance abuse treatment matching and drug treatment partnerships to help individuals receive the tailored treatment that will improve their chances of successful rehabilitation. We prepare and motivate those dealing with addiction to get the right treatment they need. We understand that all patients have different dependencies and requirements. What may work for one person, might not work as effectively for another, which is why we take the time to find a personalized solution for your needs. By aligning ourselves with like-minded professionals, we can connect our patients with the right support and services. With a core focus on treatment matching for each individual, you can rest assured that your road to recovery will be as smooth as possible.

Alcohol And Drug Rehabilitation Referral Service

Here at the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine, we always put our patients first. Our aim is to set our clients up for success by utilizing treatment matching that will best meet their needs. That is why our team specializes in alcohol and drug rehab referral services. Our team of professionals is deeply involved in addiction treatment and recovery, with years of experience behind them. They are well connected in the statewide and nationwide, which is why we can put you in touch with the right support services, no matter what your needs may be. We dedicate ourselves to providing the right resources to our patients, so they can begin to regain control of their lives without delay. Whether you need an inpatient alcohol treatment referral or drug treatment referral, we can offer the help you need. Referral programs vary a great deal and can include:

  • Long-term residential treatment
  • Detoxification
  • Intensive inpatient treatment
  • Sober housing
  • Alternative therapeutic modalities
  • Hospital services
By getting to know our clients on a personal level, we can find the right treatment option that will get you on the path to recovery and allow you to reclaim your life. Everyone has unique needs, which is why treatment referral is sometimes the best option for our patients. We don’t believe that a one size fits all solution exists; everyone is different, which is why some solutions won’t work for certain individuals.

Evaluating The Needs Of Our Patients

Addiction is not straightforward and can take on many different forms. We treat a variety of addiction types, from alcohol to methadone, opiates, and even research chemicals. With so many different types and classifications of drugs, it is essential that you approach treatment in a way that will best help combat the particular type of addiction you are dealing with at the time. A medical assessment will provide our team with a valuable insight into your overall health and is essential for putting together an individualized treatment plan. By finding out more about the client and their needs, their family, and their addiction, we get a better understanding of what type of treatment they would benefit from the most. Pairing patients with the wrong therapy may hinder the recovery process, so it’s important to take the time to find the right solution.

Specialized Addiction Treatment Matching & Referral in Richmond, VA

We understand that drug abuse and addiction is no simple matter to treat. It changes your brain chemistry, and the longer you use a drug, the more damage it causes and the more difficult it is to recover. A compulsive, relapsing, and chronic disorder such as this usually requires formal treatment for long-term success. You may even find that one course of therapy is not enough to help you lead a healthy life and you may need multiple courses of treatment. Our addiction treatment matching program is based on the individual, to help improve the chances of long-lasting sobriety. Our expert physicians and professionals have years of experience working in the field, which means they understand the needs of different patients and can match individuals with the treatment program that has the greatest chance of leading to success. Whether you may benefit from less intensive treatment options such as group or individual therapy or you require a more intensive outpatient treatment, we can help with treatment placement and addiction referral services. It’s all about finding the right course of action for the individual and their loved ones. Our primary objective is to determine which program would best suit your needs or those of someone close to you. With confidential drug and alcohol assessments, we can determine which option is best for you and your family.

Get In Touch For Safe Treatment Matching

Alcohol and drug addiction affects many areas of your life and can ruin careers, lead to broken families, health problems, and worse. Luckily, substance use disorders are treatable. We understand that addiction is a disease and it is not just about having a lack of willpower. A person doesn’t choose to have an addiction, but with the right drug treatment referral services you can begin to enjoy life again, free from the restraints of addiction. To find out more about how we can help you with our drug & alcohol treatment matching & referral services, simply give us a call at 804.332.5950. Our expert team is more than happy to help answer any questions you may have, whether you are suffering from addiction yourself or are concerned about a loved one. We pride ourselves on our team’s ability to provide successful inpatient drug referral in Richmond, VA; let’s take the first step to recovery, together.