Being open to seeking treatment is the first step to overcoming addiction problems; however, finding the right treatment for your individual needs – or the needs of a loved one – can be difficult. Different areas often offer distinct levels of treatments to their patients, whereas, at the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine, we strive to provide the best quality treatments to all of our patients, no matter where they are based or what their needs are. Addiction telemedicine is one our prime services and allows patients to receive consultations and treatment online. It allows our patients and their loved ones to access our drug and alcohol addiction services remotely to fit in with personal commitments, such as employment or family responsibilities. Our telehealth drug treatment options enable our counselors to provide their services to all of Virginia, meaning patients do not need to travel great distances to access our services and can continue with treatment plans from home.

Online Treatment Support

Technological advancements have allowed us to improve our quality of care, enabling more patients to access remote drug addiction treatment, including substance use disorder treatment, counseling sessions, and support with drug and alcohol detox. With much of our lives now taking place online for convenience, we have worked with our physicians to adapt our successful addiction treatment plans to allow patients to follow these securely online, wherever they are. An online treatment plan enables patients and loved ones to access support or speak to their doctor whenever they need. As with any form of therapy, patients can sometimes experience difficulties during the road to recovery, especially during detox. This fact makes online addiction treatment particularly beneficial, as it is readily available at any time, from anywhere.

Detox Through Telemedicine

We provide each patient undergoing detox in Virginia an online detox physician to support them throughout their treatment. At the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine, we have a variety of certified and experienced healthcare professionals on hand to assist our patients in their recovery, all of which are fully trained in providing telemedicine addiction treatment. We have a range of physicians and counsellors, who specialize in the different areas of alcohol and substance addiction care, including a heroin detox doctor and an alcohol detox doctor. Patients in need of an addiction doctor in Virginia can find high-quality care and online addiction treatment using our addiction telemedicine services. As well as specialist drug and substance use detox doctors, we also employ counselors trained in alcohol detox in Virginia.

Limitless Support Locations

At the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine, we are continuously developing our telemedicine treatments and take pride in helping all of our patients and their loved ones on their journey to recovery. Alcohol and substance use can be tough to overcome, which is why we have expanded our treatment services to reach as many of our patients as possible during their recovery. Our specialist physicians will monitor your treatment and progress over time, with consultations and support organized at regular intervals both online and by phone, in addition to visits to our center. We also offer video consultations to provide all of the necessary advice and support that you may need throughout your recovery. One of reason telemedicine is so useful, especially to help treat patients recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, is that it eliminates any location based limitations experienced by patients. For example, in 2013, 22.7 million Americans needed to seek treatment for problems related to drugs and alcohol, whereas, approximately only 2.5 million of these individuals received treatment from a specialist facility. The use of telemedicine in our treatment plans means that many more people can access our expert services, even if they are unable to physically reach our Virginia treatment center. Speaking with an addiction professional or accessing individual treatment options online has never been easier.

Virtual Care and Understanding

Telemedicine is used more and more in different sectors of healthcare, including drug and alcohol detox. With wider reaching care and advancing treatment options, there is always someone able to provide professional expertise and support. Our telemedicine provisions have increased patient engagement using virtual consults from our specialist addiction physicians throughout treatment. Our aim is to deliver more accessible patient care regardless of where you live. The Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine believes that location should never be an issue in getting the medical help you need, which is why we are engaging more and more of our patients using our telemedicine treatments. All of our qualified healthcare professionals are guaranteed to treat you or your loved one with compassion and can provide detailed information on treatment plans, coping mechanisms and practical advice. Whether you consult with your doctor in person at our center or virtually using our telemedicine services, you will receive a high level of caring and understanding during your recovery. All of our services are tailored to individual patients to ensure your treatment is right for you, including a mixture of physical and virtual appointments and support, wherever you live and whatever your needs.

Contact Us For Dedicated Addiction Treatment in Virginia

Call us today at the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine at 804.332.5950 to start your road to recovery and get the help and support you need from one of our expert addiction physicians. If you’re in need of professional support to overcome an addiction problem for yourself or a loved one, we can help - even if you are not based close to our medical center in Richmond, VA. An individual treatment plan will be devised to suit your needs, with consultations available online at your convenience, or whenever you may require any extra support. Telemedicine is an important part of the specialist treatment plans provided by the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine, making our services quicker and easier to access, contact us today and get help now.