Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation

Many people do not realize that one of the most addictive drugs is nicotine, and that smoking cigarettes has been found to be just as addictive as using heroin, cocaine or alcohol. It is for this reason that people find it so difficult to stop smoking. The dangers of smoking are well known, with medical research showing that continuing to smoke cigarettes will shorten your lifespan and potentially cause a number of debilitating diseases. At the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine, we want to help you and your loved ones to overcome issues with addiction and learn how best to lead healthier and longer lives. Our dedicated smoking cessation programs are designed to help you understand how to quit smoking permanently and change the thoughts and behavior that lead you to rely on cigarettes. With our help, you can start living a healthier life, today.

The Dangers of Smoking

We employ fully trained and qualified therapists and will assign you an individual smoking cessation counselor to guide you through the challenging process step by step. Our smoking cessation treatment is designed to fit your needs and work with your lifestyle, to make quitting smoking easier on your mental and physical health. Overall, more people in America are addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes than any other type of drug, making smoking the most prevalent and dangerous form of addiction affecting the country. While nicotine cessation can be tough, giving up smoking is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for the health and wellbeing of both you and your loved ones. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, meaning that taking part in one of our smoking cessation counseling sessions can help you to significantly lower your risk of life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, symptoms of respiratory distress, strokes, and infertility. Lung cancer is not the only form of cancer that can be caused by prolonged smoking and use of nicotine. The use of this substance can affect the entire body, leading to a range of different diseases and cancers, including of the throat, stomach, and pancreas, among many others.

Nicotine Addiction Treatments

The wellbeing of all our patients is the most important aspect of any of the treatment programs offered by the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine. We offer specialist smoking cessation classes to help you or one of your loved ones improve your health and reduce your risk of developing a serious condition that is likely to impact on your quality of life. If you are looking for a smoking cessation program in Richmond, VA, we offer a range of highly regarded treatments and sessions, both individually and as part of a group. Your smoking cessation counselor can provide all the support you need, as one of the hardest parts of giving up smoking is the initial first step and decision to change. Most people view quitting the use of nicotine and smoking cigarettes as being incredibly difficult as you have grown to rely on your addiction. With the compassionate care offered at our center, we try to relieve some of this pressure, helping our patients to detox or give up smoking gradually, depending on the best method for your needs. We tell each of the patients that come to us to quit smoking that, although it is difficult and you may experience struggles and cravings throughout your treatment, there are now more former smokers in the US than there are current smokers. To help more people quit smoking cigarettes in Richmond, VA, we offer a Wellbutrin smoking treatment to our patients. This works by reducing cravings for cigarettes and decreasing the amount of withdrawal symptoms that you will experience. A form of medication, Wellbutrin nicotine treatment changes the way you perceive the taste of smoking cigarettes and has been shown to greatly help patients using this method to try to stop smoking.

Support for Smoking Cessation

With so many health and wellbeing benefits attached to giving up smoking, we want to provide the best quality care to patients seeking assistance with nicotine addiction. We treat patients that come to us for help to quit smoking with the same ethos of compassion and support as those that join our programs for help overcoming issues with drugs and alcohol. Our counselors know that nicotine is a very powerful drug, with an increasingly high rate of addiction. Therapists and physicians that specialize in smoking cessation techniques and continue to research new and improved methods of treatment alongside technological advances, to make sure all our treatment modalities remain up to date. Choosing to give up smoking can be a major decision in a person's life. This can be because there is slightly less of a stigma attached to smoking than to drug and alcohol addiction. However, smoking is still considered to be a dangerous habit, especially since today there is more known about the effects of passive smoking.

Call Us To Quit Smoking Today

If you are thinking of making the decision to quit smoking in Richmond, VA, the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine can help. We welcome patients and loved ones that require specialized support to overcome problems with addiction and aim to help as many people as possible to be able to quit smoking and achieve a healthier lifestyle. Smoking can often be overlooked as a drug addiction issue, despite being one of the most addictive substances available in the country. All of our counselors are experienced in helping patients to stop smoking and overcome problems with nicotine. You will receive a personalized plan based on the number of cigarettes you smoke and how many years you have been smoking for. This plan will help you first to reduce the amount you smoke and eventually give up nicotine altogether. Contact us at 804.332.5950 to stop smoking for good.