Probuphine Implant

Probuphine Implant

One of the toughest aspects of beginning your recovery when dealing with opioid addiction is accepting there is a problem and seeking help. By taking this first step, you can improve your quality of life and get the help that is right for you, help that is designed to meet your specific needs. All forms of treatment at the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine come highly recommended by experienced and certified addiction counselors, including the probuphine implant, which is often used by our physicians to help treat an opioid addiction.

What is Probuphine Implant Treatment?

If you or one of your loved one is dealing with issues relating to an addiction to opiates, this implant is used as one of our forms of treatment, acting as an opiate blocker. This type of addiction therapy involves the insertion of a very small rod, or Probuphine, just below the skin. One of our fully trained and qualified doctors completes the procedure on site, as part of an outpatient procedure. It is entirely safe, and your doctor will be able to answer any and all questions or concerns that you may have regarding the procedure itself or the course of treatment prescribed. If we offer you the probuphine implant procedure, it is first carefully explained to you, and you will be able to fully discuss what is involved, how it works and any potential side effects with your assigned physician.

Doctors typically prescribe a probuphine opiate blocker implant to patients with an opioid disorder, who have previously achieved stability at a dose of 8mg or less of burprenorphine. It is a prescribed medication that is used to treat opioid addictions; it is a semi-synthetic opiate derivative, and we most often employ it as an opiate replacement during long and short term treatment. The Probuphine rod is approximately the size of a matchstick and once inserted will provide a controlled dose of burprenorphine to the patient over the course of six months. The Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine can carry out the procedure to insert a burprenorphine implant once patients have begun individual and group therapy. Treatment with Probuphine means that a steady dose of medication is delivered at the correct time, allowing patients to continue with their everyday lives throughout their recovery process, with as little disruption as possible.

Benefits of Probuphine Treatment

As a form of treatment, it also prevents patients from experiencing the physical symptoms of withdrawal from opioids such as heroin, fentanyl, and other prescription opioids, all the while limiting the cravings that are felt and blocking the effects of opiate drugs. Another one of the benefits of being treated with Probuphine is that the medication is given to patients by a time-released method and the implant cannot be lost or sold, meaning there is no chance of missing a dose or forgetting to take your medication at any point. Treatment using a probuphine implant means that patients can be monitored and begin experiencing a healthier version of their life while in recovery. This type of treatment option is a significant advancement in the way specialists address opiate addiction issues, and all of the doctors at our center in Virginia dedicate themselves to providing new, improved and safe care using emerging methods. We use the best form of treatment for our patients, performing procedures using Titan Probuphine, which is fully approved and researched. The FDA approval of Probuphine is vitally important to us, as we only administer medication and treatment that is licensed and proven to benefit patients, with low risks of side effects or possible reactions.

VCAM - Probuphine Doctors in Richmond, VA

For patients considering this type of procedure, where to get a probuphine implant in Richmond, VA is a question that many ask their family doctors and local physicians. If you wish to receive this form of treatment, on behalf of yourself or a loved one, our probuphine implant providers can provide you with advice and guidance on whether or not this is a viable option for your needs. Experts recommend that you speak with one of our doctors or counselors before making any final decisions regarding the course of your treatment, going over the benefits and requirements of using probuphine.

During your treatment, you will be assigned one of our probuphine doctors to help you decide how to progress your treatment and prepare for the procedure if you choose to go ahead with it. Our counselors will support you during this decision and throughout the procedure itself, as you learn how to monitor your implant throughout the course of treatment. With the doctors at the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine, you will receive compassionate treatment and a level of understanding, without the stigma associated with of drug and opioid addiction. You will also receive counseling from our therapists to help you deal with the issues surrounding your addiction problems, enabling you to overcome these and concentrate on your recovery. It is at this stage of your treatment that your doctor may consider you for the Probuphine procedure.

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If you have already researched this type of treatment and are looking for trustworthy probuphine doctors in Richmond, our center works with patients from across the state and employs the finest specialist doctors in the country. Each and every patient working to overcome addiction is different and has varying needs, meaning we assess the best treatment options for your individual recovery. Probuphine treatment is beneficial to many of our patients who are currently in recovery from an opioid addiction and is prescribed and administered on a case-by-case basis. The Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine is one of the best places for patients to visit when faced with the question of where to get a Probuphine implant in Richmond. All of the treatment our patients receive is carefully considered and planned around achieving the result of a healthier life and a lifetime of recovery. Schedule an appointment today at 804.332.5950.